Nothing Came from Walking – A Confrontation with the Dreaming World Underlying Physical Illness

Conor has written an wondrous, awesome, almost poetic account mixing reality, dreaming and the dreambody nature of physical symptoms!”
Dr Arnold Mindell
Physicist, Jungian psychologist, founder and developer of Process Oriented Psychology.

This book is a non-fictional account of a month-long inner and outer journey on the Maltese island of Gozo. Throughout this time, the writer was unknowingly suffering from cancer and it was only on the last day that the first conscious signs of the illness emerged. The book demonstrates the possibility that the hidden world of the individual - a dreaming realm - contains both the means of creating psychological and physical illness and also, when worked with, this same realm can transform illness into the manifestations of one’s life path and wholeness. It is less about night-time dreams than dreams that manifest through the body in a waking state. For the one who suffers, this book shows that dis-ease is the vital element to growth, and from this broader perspective, symptoms and illness ARE the cure.

The story moves through frightening and transforming events during the month, culminating in the last chapter with the merging of mercurial dream-like figures with the outer physical manifestation of cancer. The battle between life and death is waged throughout, but this book penetrates deeper. It is a fascinating account of going beyond the polarity of life and death.   

If you are suffering from depression, life threatening symptoms, or are interested in altered states of waking consciousness, or irrational experience, then this book has many practical and unique ways to help you or deepen your experience.

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