Reviews of Nothing Came From Walking

"Dear Conor, thanks so so much for these pages. I read the whole thing in one go, fabulous fabulous fabulous. I love your awareness, your matter of fact Zen stating of facts of it all and a fun dry humour that puts it all in perspective - AWESOME." Max Schupbach

"Conor, A friend and I read your book while on holiday and really thought it was good Ė enjoyed it and appreciated your explorations and descriptions of the paths of new experience and of consciousness. So thank you for writing it and Iíll be recommending to other folk too." Christina McDonald

" Hello Conor, I got your book through the post yesterday and sat down with it and read it from cover to cover! I loved it and I was with you every step of the way. There was something about that free roaming spirit way you wrote it that i could really relate to, and I found it encouraging. I donít quite have the words but that was what I felt." Helen Wells

Later from Helen "I got a bit further with why I found your writing encouraging this morning- I have been feeling very frustrated with my art work recently, as though everything I make is rubbish or ordinary - so criticising myself big time, and then your book and a quote by Ginsberg really set me realising what I'm doing - Ginsberg talks about setting aside any ideas of being a poet or abandoning any ideas of really expressing yourself to the world and just staying with the muck of your own mind and writing just for yourself. And I felt that that was what you did - you stayed with the muck of your own mind and then by sharing it - it supported me to stay with mine! and just keep going."

"Dear Conor, I finished reading the book this morning - I found it an amazing read... I felt it was like you were meeting black holes in life - the sort of thing that I acknowledge respectfully and then step back or around - or flee in terror - but in the book you have shown what can happen when you walk right in and then sit down! And I could really feel the presence of the landscape and climate of Gozo - and kind of the landscape and climate of you too... and I'm already taking aspects of it into my dreams. I've never read anything before that actually goes anywhere like it.... I hope Belize is a good experience and you write lots more." Martha Emeleus

"I loved the book, the writing was fantastic but I didn't like the last chapter, it seemed too jokey, you took no heed of the reader's needs, you turned your back on us." Amy Hardy, Documentry Film Maker

"Dear Conor I have just finished your book and am flabbergasted and full of wondermazement. And glad to hear you are safely in Belize..." Martin Lawrence

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