About the Author

A particular path in life is a multi-faceted living process, mysteriously created and manifested by a non-local sentient earth that is only partly in conjunction with an individual’s perspective and needs." Dr Arnold Mindell

Conor has many years experience as a psychotherapist and Process Oriented Psychologist, or Process Work, and is part of the faculty of The Research Society of Process Oriented Psychology (RSPOPUK) of which he is a founder member.

His private practice involves working with individuals, couples and groups. Also, he supervises both trainees in Process Oriented Psychology and therapists from a variety of other disciplines.

Together with his wife, Clare Hill,, Conor runs public seminars on subjects as diverse as symptoms and illness, dreams and shamanic processes, mental health issues, relationship problems, creativity, conflict resolution, training in group facilitation, and more. He is a well known teacher both nationally and internationally. He likes to build, garden and work with people.

Conor adheres to the code of ethics of RSPOPUK.

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