Therapy Sessions by Phone

Reading this book may have unearthed some aspect of your nature that you may wish to know more about. It may have, for example, stirred up some unusual night time dreams, or prompted you to delve deeper into your own uncanny process; perhaps you enjoyed the way of approaching problems outlined in this book and need some help to go deeper within yourself? You may be suffering from symptoms or illness, perhaps relationship problems or you could be struggling with moods generally or have depression? Whatever you need, there is help.

Together with my private practice in Edinburgh, where I see clients face to face, I also, because of demand, work on the telephone through Skype. Skype is a computer communication system – you do not need to have Skype, just a telephone, I use it on my side. Please contact me at for details and also information regarding price for a half hour or full hour session.

Dream Interpretation

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