Themes of the Book

The theme of Nothing Came From Walking is weird experiences.

Have you ever had an uncanny experience that you didn’t understand, perhaps you found time itself acting strangely; maybe you moved in and out of dream states while washing the dishes or gardening? Perhaps you had a weird feeling that you where living in the 18th century and tilling the soil while, at the same time, sitting in your house?

Alternatively, you may have known, while dreaming in your sleep, that you were indeed dreaming and in the moment had a strange impulse to fly and then lifted off like a bird, only to come back eventually and decide to wake up. You wake up and know that you’ve been on a trip. Or perhaps an experience of oneness suddenly and momentarily peeled a fog from your eyes; a sort of peak life experience that you’ve always remembered?

Have you had a life-threatening illness, faced death, and through that felt alive, healthy and peaceful? Are you sometimes inspired to follow your body as though it has more wisdom than your thinking self? In a depressed mood, do you let go, sink, sit, and then give over to something beyond the normal you that changes life instantly? Perhaps you experienced the magic of loving another and thus transcended your normal self.

If you recognize anything here, then this book may help you to stay close to that path; to your path – this is the theme of this book, an interaction with your whole self; a self that is forever moving forward in all dimensions at once. In following the author’s twists and turns, his battles, his gains and his losses with unusual realities, you may enter a relationship with your own multi-dimensional self – a relationship that requires opening up to and less of working on. The theme of the book is to discover the relationship to our living path; to gain path awareness.

Our path in life seems to be non-local and includes all levels of reality – the consensus reality world that we see and feel and includes memories of our growth and development; the dreaming world underlying normal reality that we touch at night; and the sentient realm that the Buddhists, physicists and psychologists speak of - therefore, what appears to be bad luck, misfortune or happy events may, in the fullness of time, be seen as the shortest route to wholeness. An individual’s path is always knocking on the person’s door, there to take her to unbelievable dimensions and this book is a description of one such path.

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