Process Oriented Psychology

Conor McKenna has trained in Process Oriented Psychology and qualified in Great Britain and Zurich, Switzerland. Conor has been practicing for more than fifteen years.

Conor's work:
• Works in private practice with individuals, couples and families.
• Works with large groups in seminars, held in various places in the U.K. and throughout the world.
• Teaches as part of a larger professional training in psychotherapy.
• Supervises psychotherapists and counsellors of various schools and approaches.
• Trains group leaders in facilitation, conflict resolution, and conflict prevention.
• Uses dream interpretation and dreamwork as part of his counselling approach.

The foundation of Conor's training is Process Oriented Psychology, or Process Work. Process Work has roots in Jungian Psychology and modern Physics and was founded by Arnold Mindell and colleagues in the late 60s. Process Workers focus on the patterns of nature rather than thinking in terms of problems as somehow 'wrong' or 'bad'.  

The style of approach could be said to be Taoistic - life is in constant flux and contains its own innate wisdom. We therefore continually work with what is happening within each moment believing that that is the only place where real change can happen.

We are aware that, in some instances, psychology can be imited in its helpfulness. A psychologist may study the person as though from the outside, and often has little personal experience of the subjective reality that an individual is suffering from or identified with. The shamanic approach of entering, with awareness, the disturbing state with the knowledge that our problems are part of the community can be much more helpful. This is a field-like approach to psychotherapy. Taoism and Shamanism therefore have had an influence on the development, and are part of the style of Process Work.

There are many Process Work organisations throughout the world. One such organisation is The Research Society for Process Oriented Psychology or RS POP UK, which is an association of psychotherapists and group facilitators based in the U.K. If you would like to read more about Process Work please see books by Arnold Mindell, Amy Mindell, Lane Arye, Joseph Goodbread, Gary Reiss, Julie Diamond, Jean Claude and Arlene Audergon and others.

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