Working with Your Childhood Dream

If you have bought this book and have become interested in working in the way outlined with your own process, then a good place to start is with your earliest childhood dream. The early dreams, particularly the earliest, that we have remembered throughout our lives appears to hold a blue print, or essence of the life that we will live, even until the point of death. Having worked with many hundreds of people in my practice over the past years, I am still astounded by the magic of this process and the helpfulness that it can bring. Just as the oak tree existed in pattern form in the acorn, so too, the adult, as they grow, unravels out of the childhood dream. If you do not have a dream then the earliest memory seems to contain the same properties. Future illness, quality of relationships, power and growth, self-esteem, one’s profession, and so on, all can be found in the childhood dream once unravelled – it contains our path in life. Often these early dreams are scary or we’ve retained only snippets of scenes, however, I have never found a childhood dream that, like a hologram, didn’t contain all the parts and one’s path through life.

Some people are lucky; they tap into this dream early on when suddenly they know what they will do when they grow up. These stories abound, one hears them from politicians, pop stars and film stars, and from many other walks of life.

In doing the exercise below, it should be remembered that changing identity into that which may be scary will, rather than making it more fearful, it will render it useful and not all scary - these aspects are really our own power that is split off from identity, and the more we identify with them, the more we have control of the situation, as demonstrated in the book.

A Simple Exercise

For this exercise all you need is a space, a pen and paper. If you are uncertain about your internal world, or have some fears concerning it, then it may be better to do this with a therapist or facilitator or perhaps a friend. If you are familiar with your internal world, then following subtle, almost irrational impressions, as in this exercise, will help you to go beyond your normal ways of thinking and experiencing and towards your subtle eternal nature.

  1. Recall your earliest dream (if you do not have a dream then a first memory has the same properties)
  2. Describe yourself to yourself in a few words, who are you in this moment? Are you happy, depressed, in what way do you identify in the world generally? Go with the first things that come to mind and write that identity down in a few words and then put your note on a spot on the floor. Choose an area of your room that feels right for that identity.
  3. Next, focus on the scariest part of the dream, or if not scary, go for the most unknown or intriguing aspect.
  4. Make a note of that aspect and place it on a part of the floor that seems right for that aspect of the dream. Your feelings will give you the right direction.
  5. Empty your mind and stand in the place on the floor of your identity, take time and notice the feelings at that spot. Make a hand gesture to represent the energy of that identity – if calm, then what energy and movement would represent that? If agitated, what sort of movement would show, or manifest it? If nothing, then what energy would look like that and then represent it.
  6. Now go to the dream part. Do the same for this scary or unknown part of the dream. That is feel into it, sense its atmosphere, make a gesture, or movement to represent it.
  7. Now step out and look at both parts and allow yourself to discover something new about this dynamic; the relationship between the normal and the dream part.
  8. After a moment, step back into the “scary” or less known part and really amplify the movement by making it bigger and using more space. Shapeshift into it all the way and see the world from its perspective.
  9. What is the message that this figure is bringing to your normal identity – do you need to be more direct or gentle – can you see how you need to change in some way? Be prepared to perceive deeply into your nature and know more about your path in the past and in the future.
  10. When you’re ready step back out of the figure and ask, if these two qualities – the normal you and the dream figure - merged (see them merge in your imagination) what sort of personality would that be? Combine the movements into a dance while letting your mind relax.
  11. Notice how this process has been working throughout your life in some subtle way.

Going Further

If you wish to work further in this way with dreams or need to work on any other problem, and you want details of costs, then please feel free to contact me at Following our contact, you can then simply send me an email describing yourself; who you are these days, together with your childhood dream. We can then either work by email, chat or phone - the preference is yours.

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